Do You Own A Small Business? Can I Feature It Here?

Published July 8, 2022 by Angela

Hello to all you business owners, crafters, artists, bakers, and general all-around makers of magical things. I want to start spending time reviewing small businesses on here, to help out those creators who are just starting out, or need a boost to traffic on their pages.

I could be causing problems for myself by doing this, because I may not feature every business that is submitted to me. If I do not like the image the product/page is promoting, I will not feature it. Yes, this is based on my personal discretion, but not to worry. As long as you are not selling hateful things, we will be good 😊

I did this type of thing when I began editing books, and there were some pretty angry “authors” who came at me when I would not review their book on my other blog page. I mean, trust me, you do not want me putting up a review of what I thought about your “book”. I don’t know why it shocked me that people would call me names or threaten me over a book review, but it happened.

So, if we can all play nice here, let me know what your business is, a little bit of back story; how did it start, what was/are your goals, and all that fun stuff.

If you do not want to comment here, you can reach me by email,


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