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Small Business Saturday: Kenny’s Crafts & Kenny’s Clothing

Published July 9, 2022 by Angela

One of my favorite small businesses, Kenny’s Crafts and Kenny’s Clothing has been expanding and growing, and features handmade jewelry and accessories, zodiac journals, bookmarks, and the warmest, softest clothing you could put you body into! Make sure you check out both of her websites for all of her merchandise. Many items are currently on sale as well!

About the Artist: My name is Kendall Morrison and I am a multimedia artist based in Colorado. When I was only 4 years old I began making holiday and birthday gifts for friends and family. A creative tradition became a business in 2020 when I left my warehouse job to pursue art.
Through my work I explore my relationship with inspiration and mental health, putting effort toward what feels good that day. My goal is to create items that bring joy, whether that be statement jewelry, hair accessories, bookmarks, or a house adornment is up to you.

Kendall’s next goal is to open a second hand crafting store, so others can by affordable art supplies and start their creative dreams!

Click on the links below to see both stores!

Do You Own A Small Business? Can I Feature It Here?

Published July 8, 2022 by Angela

Hello to all you business owners, crafters, artists, bakers, and general all-around makers of magical things. I want to start spending time reviewing small businesses on here, to help out those creators who are just starting out, or need a boost to traffic on their pages.

I could be causing problems for myself by doing this, because I may not feature every business that is submitted to me. If I do not like the image the product/page is promoting, I will not feature it. Yes, this is based on my personal discretion, but not to worry. As long as you are not selling hateful things, we will be good 😊

I did this type of thing when I began editing books, and there were some pretty angry “authors” who came at me when I would not review their book on my other blog page. I mean, trust me, you do not want me putting up a review of what I thought about your “book”. I don’t know why it shocked me that people would call me names or threaten me over a book review, but it happened.

So, if we can all play nice here, let me know what your business is, a little bit of back story; how did it start, what was/are your goals, and all that fun stuff.

If you do not want to comment here, you can reach me by email,