Another pet? Really?

Published August 29, 2013 by Angela

Our Lionhead Rabbit, stole the hearts of everyone in our house!

Our Lionhead Rabbit, stole the hearts of everyone in our house!

I am questioning how well I really thought out the idea of getting another pet. Although he is the cutest rabbit I have ever seen in my life, well, the cutest pet of any kind for that matter, I am fearful at some point I am going to have to start taking care of him. So far my daughter has done amazing at keeping him comfy and cared for, I am just hoping (and Praying), that she doesn’t get bored with him. I thought with her new homeschooling adventure which is a complete change to the life she has been used to for 12 years, she could use a little companionship from a pet, as well as the responsibility. So welcome to the family Mufasa. I cannot help but smile every single time I look at him. I just look at him, no holding for me since on our 1st encounter he bit me and I now have 3 scars on my hand in memory of our meeting. Is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

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