I Have A Child-Free Day…

Published August 2, 2014 by Angela

…in about another half hour. My girls are spending the day together at a local festival, and will not be home until after the fireworks tonight 🙂 Which makes me happy. A much needed day of no kids. The fact that I have been up since 3pm yesterday afternoon, worked 8 hours last night, and need to get some sleep before I lose my mind makes me not happy.

The fact that I had to go grocery shopping to get picnic supplies for my girls, make 8 sandwiches, pack chips, salads, drinks, plates, silverware, etc, while the 2 children here sat watching tv, makes me not happy.

The fact that I am still telling them to find their sunscreen, beach towels, and swimsuits when they need to leave in 25 minutes makes me not happy. Their pets not being checked for food and water yet makes me very, very not happy.

So, in honor of my not-happiness (yes, I just made that up), I am going to bed, and hope I can keep the sleeping to a minimum nap, and not sleep my whole entire kid-free day away.

What are your exciting plans for the weekend?

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