There Is A New Rule In My House!

Published August 20, 2014 by Angela

If you ask me a question, and I have given you an answer, you are NOT allowed to ask me that question again. Period.

For days I have been listening to the same question being rephrased in 10 different ways and repeated to me, hoping for a different answer than the previous one received. I explained that if I change my mind about an answer; I will let them know. Continuously asking me is only going to make me frustrated, and just strengthen that “No” I told them several times in the previous 3 hours.

Maybe I should explain that what is happening here, is that I will be asked something, and literally (Literally!) within 10 minutes, I am getting asked again. Example:

9 year old: “Mom, can Jane come over to make bracelets with me?”

Me: “No she cannot. She spent the night last night, and was here until 4 pm this afternoon. I have to do homework so I need some quiet.”

Less than 10 minutes later…

9 year old: “Mom, can Jane come over and sit with me on the front porch?”

Me: “I am making a new rule!” …see above 🙂

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