Homeschooling Week 1

Published September 7, 2014 by Angela

Went fairly well, or at least better than I was expecting. After a long summer, I was concerned about my girls getting back into the swing of things. Having my 8th grader doing homeschooling this year through an online school allows her to have more control over what she does, as well as holding her to a higher level of responsibility.

Other than a couple software issues, things are going smoothly. I check in everyday to look at her assignments she submitted to verify she completed them. She will have a bi-weekly phone call starting this week with her homeroom teacher.

With that being said, I had a more hectic weekend than I expected, and did not get to verify her Friday work until this morning. Said 8th grader may not be happy when I wake her up to let her know she has 3 assignments she did not submit. I definitely learned my lesson, and will not miss my check in again.

She is good about getting things done that I ask of her, so I know she will be back on task this afternoon. And it looks like a sunshine filled Sunday in West Michigan, so I think she will still have time to enjoy what is likely one of our last warm, sunny days for the year 🙂

Do you have motivating techniques when your homeschooler gets off task?

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