When Mom Fails In Epic Proportions…

Published October 23, 2014 by Angela

…you make do, right?

So yesterday, I let Erin’s homeschooling teachers know she would not be online. Because she cannot seem to monitor herself, and by the time I got out of work, we had church.

So I left her a note today of what I needed her to do. But my schedule was off, because I was checking in to our other plant, attending meetings, and focused on other things. So at 7:15 am, I realized the laptop my children use was still locked in my bedroom (Yeah, I cannot leave it out, because Erin gets up at random hours in the night to talk to people she shouldn’t). So I called her at 10 am when I finally made it back to my office.

“Mom, I cannot find the laptop.”

“Yeah, I forgot to put it out this morning.”

So thank goodness for vacation days, because I am off work tomorrow to get her caught up with her homeschooling and going to her live lessons, while I try to get ahead on my college class.

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