Just Stop Already!

Published January 21, 2017 by Angela

I am so sick of all the political fighting on my social media, on television, and in the news. I had to dump a few people prior to the election because of their hate-filled posts, and it is like it has started all over again.

I feel like President Trump has got to be feeling like he is taking the Titanic on her maiden voyage, and he never had a chance. Hats off to Captain Smith, by the way: he had the courtesy to go down with the ship.


I would really love to know from all the complainers what Trump has done that had a direct affect on their life? He buys and sells real estate, he gets married and divorced, he has multiple kids and has had an affair. He had a successful television show, and has been in the public eye for decades.

Does he know anything about politics? Not very much. But why does no one understand that the President has very little control over what happens in this country?

Do I feel he was our best option? No. But I will not run him in the ground before he has a chance to make things right. I voted for Obama twice, and do NOT regret it. Did my health insurance rates and coverage go in the toilet? Overnight. Would a different President have avoided that situation? Not likely.

So for the love of all things right about this country, Just Stop!

I have and am raising four very independent daughters; I do not believe Donald Trump being president is going to negatively impact their life. They would all disagree with me on this, and that is okay.

We either come together, or we all go down together. Personally, I don’t think anyone is gonna save me a space on the only floating door in the freezing ocean…..

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