The Smartest 41 year old 7th grader……

Published September 5, 2013 by Angela

Will probably be me after this year of homeschooling 🙂 I am saying this with complete sarcasm, because after day two, I am actually enjoying going over the work with my daughter and helping her through her problem areas. Some of it comes naturally, some of it I have a distant memory of, and some of it is a whole new way of teaching I have never seen before (like how my local public schools teach basic math a “new” way and asked the parents not to show them “our” way.) Now how am I supposed to help them with math if I don’t know the “new” way? LOL

Right now I am trying to stay a few steps ahead of her setting her assignments, and have had great advice about not stressing out and that it will all fall into place! I truly believe that and am going to try to enjoy every minute of this new journey.

Excited for my meeting tonight for a Co-op that my daughter will be taking 3 afternoon classes at every Friday with other 6,7, and 8th graders. She is excited to make new friends and I know she will not get bullied there.

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