When did setting up a computer become so hard?

Published September 15, 2013 by Angela

So I broke down and got a laptop for my girls to use for homework, mainly for my 7th grade homeschooler. Titanium security was recommended for me and I was told I could lock out all websites and get reports. Not so, but it was only $17.00 for the 1st year and it does do what Norton Security does. Accessing my 12 year olds newly created account, it took me right to Facebook when I typed it in. So back to the Microsoft Family Safety site (which I was told not to use with Titanium). Sorry, but I am. I can get updates anytime I want on all activities of each of my children, and set allowed and blocked sites. We will see how it goes tomorrow morning when I finally her have the laptop.

Now if I could just get it to do what I want it to. The laptop that is, not my children 🙂 (I pretty much gave up on that years ago LOL) The toolbars are at the bottom, and I cannot seem to switch it. I think it is the new version of Windows and not the laptop itself. I guess I won’t let it bother me too much since I don’t necessarily need to use it. And when it comes to computers my kids are smarter than me anyhow 🙂

Downloading the software for two classes to their laptop, I am hoping I can lock out the kids from the teacher’s information while allowing my homeschooler to use the learning games and other tools that will help her.

Working full time and doing homeschooling has me feeling like I am working on my Bachelor’s Degree, again. I was going to start on my Master’s Degree this September, I am sooo glad I didn’t go down that road.

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