I Have Found it to be Impossible…..

Published September 11, 2013 by Angela

to homeschool without the assistance of the internet. I bring this up because I removed the family computer from my home about a month ago due to bullying on social sites as well as inappropriate activity. All of the books for the 7th grade curriculum have great lessons, hints, and games online to assist in the learning. I sat down with my student the other night on my laptop and went through 6 math quizzes which she did excellent on. The writing and grammer that she sometimes struggles with also has online assistance. So I believe Best Buy will again be getting a large chunk of my money this weekend. I have looked at the Microsoft Family Safety software that is free and it seems like between that and the parental controls, I can pretty much lock each child’s page to only the pages I will allow them to go to. Has anyone had any experience with Microsoft’s Family Safety software and what do you think of it? Any other suggestions? I do like that it will send me a report of all activity, and I also have one more download of Norton Security I can download onto a computer.

I am very nervous about having issues start up again, and if anyone has found a successful way to homeschool completely internet free I would love to hear about that too!

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