I have to do What to a chicken??

Published September 30, 2013 by Angela

“Mummify it.”



OK, I am sure this is going to be great fun for the kids to watch as the weeks go by, I am just not sure how comfortable I am having it in my refrigerator (or wherever in my house I may need to store it).

Being a bit of a germaphobe (There, I said it out loud!) I am not thrilled about having a rotting chicken next to my grapes in the fridge.

Other than that, the teacher for the Co-op classes is going to get me started, which I am grateful for, and I will post pictures of this incredible experiment as it moves along.

Has anyone done this before? What did you think? It is a surprise for the kids for their ancient artifacts class, but I am going to be the most surprised that I will actually allow this in my house LOL. The things I do for my girls 🙂

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