Throwing Good Money After Bad…

Published July 7, 2014 by Angela

Computer Funny Picture…is likely what I will be doing if I invest one more penny into my laptop.

Ehhh, “Just replace the whole hard drive” I said.

Needless to say, so I am going to say it anyhow, it has been over a week, and I still cannot get my laptop working correctly. I had to buy Microsoft Office again (luckily I get a good deal through my employer). Then I had to buy some more Microsoft software because it will no longer read my SD cards. So after $40.00 and another4 hours yesterday of it updating 9 drivers, I get to see very shortly if it will now read an SD card.

I despise electronics, I despise their little error boxes, their misguided instructions, their loopholes that require 4 college degrees to figure out, but mostly I despise feeling like I have been outsmarted by a machine.

I really have no one to blame, because I stopped keeping up an the latest and greatest tech trends quite a while ago, when I used to be very, very good and all things tech.

I have a feeling my lack of sleep will equal lack of patience and I should probably just go straight to bed, and try the SD card after I get my day’s worth of sleep. Or I will likely be so mad, while being sooo tired, that I will be chucking my laptop into the trash.

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