I Cannot Stand a Thief!

Published July 8, 2014 by Angela

I have been dealing with, for several years, having a child who cannot seem to leave things alone that do not belong to her. Now, I need to be clear on the fact that she is not going into a store or any type of business and stealing things. But she seems to think it is okay to takes things that belong to her sisters or myself.

I keep my bedroom door locked at all times, even when I am home but downstairs. What she seems to think, is that if it is in the house, she has permission to use or take it.

Case in point: there are certain foods that I need to eat due to a pre-existing medical condition that these foods keep in check without me having to take prescription medication. This food needs to stay in the refrigerator, and she will not stay out of it. It is not like there is no other food in the house and she is starving, it is the fact that she is asked to leave it alone that seems to be why she cannot leave it alone. I have contemplated on more than one occasion of getting a dorm size fridge and putting it in my bedroom.

Energy drinks? Yes, they are not good for you, but that is my adult decision to make of if I choose to drink them or not. I work 3rd shift, so I choose to drink them. I generally do not leave these in the fridge, but when I do, she drinks them. Even though she has an adverse reaction to caffeine.

So before you tell me I am a bad parent, and I should not put energy drinks in my fridge, at what point should I reasonably expect my 12 year old daughter to stop taking things that do not belong to her?

I tend to take the foods I need at work, to work, at the beginning of the week, but unfortunately, I have a thief at work as well.

Have you had a child that seemed to not be concerned with what is right and what is wrong? How did you resolve it?

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