Making Your Child Do Something They Do Not Want To Do…

Published July 22, 2014 by Angela

…is okay if it is for their own good, right?
I had to drop off my 13 year old, anti-social-extremely shy daughter to camp on Saturday morning. After being super-excited for the whole week about going, as soon as we were there and out of the vehicle, she said “Mom, please don’t leave me here”.
What? We just drove 4 hours to get you here, bought you all kinds of stuff you needed, and you want to go home?
I cannot say I was too surprised, because I know she is so shy around people she does not know. Seeing so many people there she didn’t know put her in a panic mode. Which made me feel terrible. I think we both knew she was not coming back home, but I still felt sad for her. She is not one for showing emotions, but I could have read those emotions that were on her face from a mile away.
As she is going on her second night there, and I have not been called, I know she is fitting in just like I expected she would. I told her by the time I got there Saturday morning to pick her up, she would not want to leave with me. She is very kind and caring, and is quick to make friends once she allows herself to be in that type of situation.
I am hoping this camp is a positive influence on her and she will be excited about going next year. This is the type of activity I want her to stay involved in, and I know her getting to the point of being able to be a camp counselor herself would be wonderful for her.
I left her stamped, addressed envelopes and notecards, and cannot wait to get a letter from her to see how much she is loving it already!

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