Preparing For The Inevitable…

Published July 24, 2014 by Angela

…of knowing in 2 days when I pick up my 13 year old from camp, she is going to have a bit of a struggle adjusting back to life with her sisters. Yes, this is the same child who asked me to “not leave her” at camp.

I am expecting she is going to have a bad attitude, so I am preparing now to help make her transition easier. She will have only been gone for 6 days, but 6 days to her is like a month to anyone else.

I think the 4 hour ride home while she gets to tell us everything she saw and did will be a great start. And I will cook her favorite dinner for her, and make sure she knows how much we missed her, and how happy we are that she is back home.

I hope this is an experience she will now want to do every year. Working up to being a camp counselor would be an amazing thing for her to do!

How did your children handle coming back from camp?

2 comments on “Preparing For The Inevitable…

  • our young fella – he’s 16 with a disability – just arrived home from camp Saturday – oh the stories! since they “made him” shower and brush his teeth I guess he figured he’d take some time off from his hygene … lol … yeah, not likely … back into the swing of things now – breakfast, teeth, shower before bed …

    • Too funny! I am hoping she was more focused on the teeth brushing, since she has to hike to the washroom 🙂 She brushes here, but getting her to is like pulling teeth sometimes (pun intended)!

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