Things You Hear The Neighbor Kids say…

Published July 30, 2014 by Angela

…really has me wondering what my children have repeated while they were at the neighbors!

9 year old girl: “I can’t call my Mom “Mommy”, she says I am too old for that and to not act like such a baby.”

Different 9 year old girl: “He is so retarted.”
Me: “What? What did you just say?” “Unless if you are talking about someone who has a genuine mental disability, you are not allowed to say that in our home. The same goes for ‘dumb’, ‘stupid’, and ‘idiot’.”

Another different 9 year old girl: “My mom has to get a 3rd job because my Dad is too lazy to help take care of me so she has to do everything by herself.”

I do not know, and am pretty positive I would not want to know, the things my children have said to the neighbors! But it certainly is a great reminder for all of us to mind our words, because once they are out there, you cannot get them back. And once they are out there, you never know who may be repeating them.

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