Do You Read What You Type? Before You Submit It Online For The Whole World To See?

Published November 19, 2014 by Angela

I feel great sadness for what is becoming of our world, and I do not think it is fair to blame the teachers who are managing our children’s education.

It is really, really difficult for me to not reply to a comment posted online in response to a news story, video, etc. and so on and so forth, that is so unbelievably ignorant, that the internet itself should censor this crap.

So, as there was a suicide yesterday at our county jail, I was reading the news story and came across the following comment:

That place needs to be really investigated cause my bf was just n there n a man stabbed himself with a pen n his neck now how do u get a pen n a holding cell?? Mmm nice jail NOT!! THEN THEY PUT MY BF UPSTAIRS WIT OUT BEING SEN BYVTHE JUDGE THE INMATES HAD SHANKS N TRYD KILLIN HIM!! N WAT DID THE COUNTY BUILDING DO NOTHING!!


Are You Kidding Me? There are several things I wanted to reply to this; such as “It is jail, not the Plaza Hotel“, “If you had a better education, you could probably find a better boyfriend“, “You are probably lucky he even dates your uneducated self“, and I could go on all night here folks!

Rude of me? Absolutely. Do I care? Not in the least. There are two reasons why. 1), because I was nice enough to not post her name with what I am typing here right now, and 2), I did not reply online to her.

So yes, I am justifying my rudeness to her ignorance by playing “nice” while I insult her. Do I make spelling mistakes on my blogs online? I would imagine I do. But until I start saying things as stupid as what I read online, I will keep anonymously shaming these uneducated posters.

Hey, I could be trolling the comment sections, right?

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