As History and Precedents Are Set…

Published November 25, 2014 by Angela

…Ferguson, Missouri has the national Guard in place, and a verdict is going to be announced in 15 minutes. My daughters and I are watching this, as I continue to pray for everyone involved, on both sides of this situation. No matter what the verdict is, thousands are going to cry foul.

My opinion and feelings on this situation are irrelevant, as I was not there, I do not live there, and I did not see what happened. What I do have feelings about, are the people who were there, live there, and were involved. Not only were many lives changed by this situation, many thousands of lives can, and will very likely be changed by the verdict that is announced.

I pray that stronger heads and hearts prevail, and no one is hurt in the aftermath of a situation that has gripped a nation for months, and will be talked about, studied, and evaluated for years and decades to come.

Hopefully the lessons that are in this situation to be learned, truly are learned from, and as a nation, we can do everything in our power to make sure this is the last time this type of situation ever happens, ever has to be evaluated and put to trial, and we can rise above this stronger, smarter, and more empathetic to those we may not agree with.

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