When Do You Give Up?

Published April 24, 2016 by Angela

Do you give up? Do you ever stop giving the other parent the benefit of the doubt?

Do you stop making excuses?

Out of 3 girls, I now have two that refuse to communicate with their father. Is it my fault? Believe it or not; no…

I refuse to discuss their father unless if they bring it up. And if they bring it up, I refuse to point out the negative, and instead, highlight the positive. But when there is no positive to discuss; it gets a little hairy.

I would love to have an ex-husband who was more concerned about the welfare of his girls than how he can get one over on someone.

And before you judge me; I get $40.00 a week in child support for 3 girls, and all of that money goes right into an account for my girls that I use to pay for sports stuff, field trips, and everything else that comes at me on a weekly basis.

I honestly wish he would just give up. And go away.

I got this. I can take care of these girls, I do not need anything from you. 7 years of no visitation or support have proven that.

Focus on your 21 year old girlfriend having another baby that you will never care for, and just leave me, and MY girls, alone…

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