5 comments on “West Michigan At Its Best!

      • Great. So your used to the Lake Effect snows and black ice! Lapeer County gets it from any direction. I’ve been in Vegas nearly four years, not sure about going home. So beautiful here but all of my family is there. Divorce sucks.

      • It does indeed… I am in Muskegon, and have been my whole life. Being 5 minutes from the lake, it gets really bad, really quick. It would be fantastic if people remembered how to drive in it though 😦 There’s no way you can miss Michigan drivers in Winter LOL!

      • Agreed! I’ve drove through Muskegon once. Some drivers just can’t fathom the idea of increased stopping distances in winter and what makes a car go out of control on the snow and ice. Shame on them. I’m from Waterford in Oakland County.

        The drivers here in Las Vegas are the biggest ***holes I’ve ever see. They drive just like Californians – too fast, sometimes very rude and always consider themselves first. You become used to the cutting off and horn blowing. You need to learn to drive here or else the aggressive drivers will mow you down!

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