We’ve lost our Motivation

Published October 13, 2013 by Angela

Maybe it’s the weather, since the days are getting shorter. It seems like it is always dark out now, and as much as Erin has lost her interest in getting her homeschooling work done, I am starting to lose my desire to keep her ahead of the game. I think it is time to switch things up a bit. She keeps getting further and further behind, and I need to get her back on track. I have to say she is doing extremely well, she just seems to be bored now. Hence, field trips and science experiments.

I explained to her today about STEM and its importance from my perspective for my girls. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathmatics are important for everyone, but also a male-dominated area generally in school and work. I want my girls to be comfortable with match and science, and also enjoy it!

So, I will be investigating some science experiments that I can get her going on, besides the rotting “Bob the Chicken” that is still in his bag and box, decaying on top of my refrigerator. He’s due for a change of salt mixture tomorrow, and I am going to ask Erin to do it tomorrow while I am doing things elsewhere. He really, really stinks and it’s a bit more than I can stand 🙂

Do you have any great motivators that work for you and yours when you get into a slump?

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