As Easy As Pie!

Published October 6, 2013 by Angela

Since when is pie easy? At least making it, that is. Just typing that had me thinking “Where did this saying come from?” Hence Google, and apparently it first appeared in print in The Newport Mercury, in 1887. There’s your history lesson for the day, wasn’t that easy?

I am no longer a huge baker of desserts, or anything else for that matter, except for the couple months at the end of the year when I desire for my house to smell like the house I grew up in during the Fall/Winter Holidays; cookies, chocolate, spices, and homemade pies.

So I figured I could certainly spare 5 minutes to whip up this dessert I came across, on Facebook I am sure. 2 ingredients, how could it get any easier, right? An angel food cake mix that requires only water be added, and a can of any type of pie filling you desire. I used pineapple this time, but I also have another cake mix and can of apple pie filling, which I will be drizzling with caramel after I make it.

Mix them together, and put it in a lightly greased 9×13 pan at 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes (Sorry, I was multi-tasking and not paying 100% attention to the time). I would suggest give it 20 minutes, then open the oven door every 5 minutes until it has a nice golden color on top 🙂 As a note, this will fluff up pretty good the longer it sets before it gets in the oven, and even more when it’s baking. Mine was above the edge of the pan when I took it out (without over-flowing) but as it cooled it did sink a little bit back down which allowed me to put the cover on the pan without issues.

It was delicious, and likely would have been even better with some whipped cream. And an added bonus? Virtually fat free, especially if you get sugar free pie filling.

2 Ingredients

2 Ingredients

Just mix them together

Just mix them together

ready for the oven!

ready for the oven!

The finished Dessert

The finished Dessert


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