Bob the Chicken has been Destroyed!

Published October 16, 2013 by Angela

Image How we managed to wreck a chicken that we had to let “rot” for 6 weeks is beyond me, but we did. I have to say I had no part in it (maybe that was the problem :-)) I have not been getting close as she has been in the kitchen scraping off the old salt mix and putting in the new. So I didn’t notice until yesterday when I dared to get close enough to get some pictures what she was doing. I noticed after the fact and I was looking at the pictures that she has Bob under the faucet, running water on him.


He has to dry out, not get bathed!

No wonder he looks the same. Well, he’s kinda gray and nasty but he still looks like something you could buy from your local-shady-grocery-store. Ugghhh. And I cannot even begin to describe the smell that is radiating from him. 14 hours later, and I am pretty sure it has been burned into my sinus cavity.

And with that being said, curiosity has gotten the better of me. I think Bob is going to the trash, I am going to go get his brother Bill, and he is going to get a six week long salt bath.

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