When Everyone Is Sick

Published February 24, 2014 by Angela


Except me, that is. And thank goodness for that! I have no time to be sick, although laying in bed for a few days reading would be a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

This is a yearly ritual I go through with my 16 year old. Constant sore throats, difficulty breathing, the whole nine yards. I have yet to convince our Doctor to take her tonsils out, but I really do think it would help. I feel terrible for her but I know the ritual. Go to Dr.s, spend a lot of money, get told to buy couch medicine. Go to med-center, pay an even more ridiculous fee, and go get cough medicine.

As a note, I am really not a horrible person or Mom, and she will be getting checked for Strep tomorrow.

I really wish the sun would come out, stay out, and melt this muddy snow that is everywhere. Not likely anytime soon though, as highs this weed in Michigan will be less than 20 degrees.

Do you have any tricks for comforting a sore throat? I think if she gargles any more salt water she will be sick!

2 comments on “When Everyone Is Sick

  • I too suffered Strep throat and infected tonsils every year since I was a kid. It was the only sickness I could not overcome without antibiotics. Until I was an adult and started taking probiotics and vitamin d daily. It is related to the amount of candida in the intestinal tract and the inability to process vit d from the sun. Both of which affect our immune system. Since my body had never been allowed to fight it without meds, it simply had no immunity. That’s my story, I hope it’s a help. For a gargle try coconut oil. It’s called “oil pulling”. It will actually pull some of the infection out. Not pleasant, but it worked for me.

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