Does Anyone Ever Like Algebra? Do You Ever Use It?

Published September 18, 2014 by Angela

These are two of the many questions Erin is asking me as we are going through her algebra every day. I have to laugh, because I used to absolutely hate math. But I have had to take so many progressively difficult math classes in college that I actually now enjoy the challenge of working out a math problem.

But no, I did not tell her that she may never use algebra outside of school 🙂

It will all make sense at some point, I am just not sure yet what that point is for her.

3 comments on “Does Anyone Ever Like Algebra? Do You Ever Use It?

  • I’ve found that the biggest thing I took away from math (all kinds) was problem solving and working towards a solution, not even the math itself. But this is coming from a Women and Gender Studies major who doesn’t really do math all that often. 🙂

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