When You Get Your Butt Kicked By Monday!

Published January 20, 2015 by Angela

Yep, I certainly did.

Monday: 1

Angela: 0

I knew I had a crazy busy day today, and I had it all planned out. Well, planned out in my head of how it would go.

I got out of work late because there were issues in the shipping department that they needed me to fix.

I got to my oil change appointment 15 minutes early, only to have them running late on when they said it would be done. Knowing I was down to 10 minutes to get to my Doctor’s appointment, I let them know that they would be responsible for my $50.00 fee if I missed my appointment. They gave me a discount and got me out on time.

My Doctor’s appointment went as planned, but who likes getting a catheter put in? Yeah; not me. But I get to do this every 2 weeks and that is a whole different story.

I get home and eat some grain salad so I can get to the YMCA and get some exercising done. My Dad shows up to pick up some stuff I had here for him, only to come in and tell me he has a flat tire. By now it is 5:30 pm, so I tell my girls to go ahead without me and I will catch up later.

After getting the tire off, and into my car, we get it repaired, back home, and on the car. By now it is 7:00 pm, and I know I cannot go exercise because I will never get to sleep if I exercise that late. My Dad lives an 1 1/2 away, and I am just happy I was able to keep him calm, get the tire fixed, and visit with him for a couple hours.

So I am going to go to bed, with my cat and a book, and try this again tomorrow!

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