It Never Ends

Published April 29, 2014 by Angela

The bickering, that is. I was blaming the crappy attitudes my girls have on the extra-long winter here in West Michigan.

Boy was I wrong. Even on the sunniest day, Erin and Cassidy will NOT stop bickering. Over the most ridiculous things.

So now I need to blame it on something other than winter, and figure out how to fix it before summer gets here and I have this going on all day long.

Do you got any good tricks for getting your kids to get along?

One comment on “It Never Ends

  • If you figure it out, let me know. I have found, however, that punishing them and sending them to their (common) room usually ends up with them playing well together. Also, on days we don’t go outside to the park or for a walk – the bickering is much much worse – so the getting outside and getting out their energy seems to help significantly.

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