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It Never Ends

Published April 29, 2014 by Angela

The bickering, that is. I was blaming the crappy attitudes my girls have on the extra-long winter here in West Michigan.

Boy was I wrong. Even on the sunniest day, Erin and Cassidy will NOT stop bickering. Over the most ridiculous things.

So now I need to blame it on something other than winter, and figure out how to fix it before summer gets here and I have this going on all day long.

Do you got any good tricks for getting your kids to get along?

When You Would Rather Be Working Then At Home With Your Children

Published March 22, 2014 by Angela

Yes, I will admit it. I cannot wait to leave for work, so I can get some piece-and-quiet. I am so beyond tired of the bickering over “I didn’t get my turn on the laptop, she was on too long, it’s not fair, you never let me……” and on and on and on it goes.

ahhhh, if only I drank :-)

ahhhh, if only I drank 🙂

So, they are going to be super happy to hear that the laptop will be locked in my bedroom for the next week, and that I am getting rid of the cable. That’s two less things they will have to fight about, and I won’t have to pay that crapass company Comcast another 200+ for a monthly cable bill. Of course, we will be having this discussion tonight as I walk out the door for work; that gives them the whole entire night to stew about it, and hopefully start to get over it 🙂

Now I can start getting the “I’m bored song and dance. Get rid of two evils to add another one in 🙂


And how is the start of your weekend going?