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Published June 4, 2014 by Angela

I tend to be pretty lenient when it comes to what my girls do with their hair. I mean, they are the ones who have to walk around with whatever style they cut it, or color it. I learned it is much easier than fighting it. Because when I fight it:

1) One of them will shave half their head to the scalp while I am at work

2) They will see exactly how much peroxide really does bleach their hair

3) They will take all of the Kool-Aid from the cupboard and use it to die their hair

4) they will randomly cut chunks of hair off in such a manner that no haircut could hide or fix it

I figure, it could be much worse. Like me finding the box with the alcohol wipes, straight pins, and stud earrings in it that my 12 year old was going to use to pierce her own nose.

Hair choices? Yes. Random holes in their body that will likely get infected? No. I made it clear to all of them that they can just save themselves the time and pain because if I see it, it is coming out anyhow.

My 16 year old is bugging to get the cartilage in her ear pierced. I told her it hurts way too bad (yes I know from experience, more than once even), and I certainly hope she does not try to do that on her own.

What have your kids done that has shocked you? I don’t even know at this point if anything would shock me anymore 🙂

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