Who Exactly Do You Think That Attitude Is Punishing?

Published December 4, 2014 by Angela

I surely hope you aren’t doing it for my benefit. You can have an attitude for as long as you like; it is certainly not going to encourage me to let you play a game on the laptop or my phone. Not when you cannot stay on task with your homeschooling assessments.

I am physically exhausted from working 9 hours a day, and then spending 5-6 hours every night helping her sort through her assignments. Especially when she does not want to focus, or pay attention, or even make an effort to pretend she is listening.

So once again, she will not have access to the laptop until I get home from work. She obviously can’t get her work done on the laptop while I am away at work, so I will just eliminate that distraction all together. If I have to spend 6 hours every night teaching algebra and science, I will make sure I have her full attention.

Nothing gets a 13 year old girl’s attention faster than taking away all of her abilities to contact any friends, play any games, or shop for clothes on Amazon.

All I know is 1) my parents would have dragged my ass to school and made sure I stayed there, and 2) if I ever tried to pull any of the crap that she tries to pull, I would not be here today to type this blog post!

So here’s to being the bad-mean-horrible-bitch-mom for at least 4 to 5 days, until she realizes she cannot break me 🙂 It sucks that I have to go through this, but unfortunately, this is exactly what it takes to get her to see I am not kidding, and then she gets back on task.

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