Getting Schooled By My Homeschooler

Published January 13, 2015 by Angela

What do you say when you have a full time job, 6am -3 pm, and get home to find your homeschooler doing, well, nothing? Here is how my day went when I got home from work….

Homeschooler:  “I woke up late. Yelled at my 10 year old sister, who goes to public school but is home sick, for not waking me up.” “Oh, but then, I had to take a shower and get dressed because of my dentist appointment today.” “Oh, and I did not want to start something that I would not be able to finish.”

Really? REALLY?

Why she is under the impression (the wrong impression, I might add) that she is off the hook for the day is beyond me. I had to go out of my way after work to get her Algebra study guides sent to the school, or risk her losing 20% of her grade.

Trust me, she does not have 20% to give away.

And before you give me all hell and high water, I spend 5-6 hours every night (every. single. night.) going over her homework with her. I do not leave her hanging to do this on her own. She has a direct number to my office at work, that no one answers but me. Any questions? Call me, I can help you out.

But when you have a 13 year old who is literally bigger than you in size and strength, and refuses to go to school, what do you do?

She promises she is going to go to public high school next year when she enters 9th grade; I am praying daily for this.

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