When There Is Nowhere To Turn…

Published October 10, 2014 by Angela

…there is always one place I can, and do, still turn. That is to my faith, my God, and my Savior. Sometimes that is the only place I can turn, and I am okay with that. That is where I get my strength, courage, and peace of mind. Some days that is the only place I can turn, and even on the days when I do not feel a pressing need to turn to my faith, I still do; to say Thank You. Thank you for my children, my health, my job, a warm home, and the means to support my girls and myself on my own.

So after great accomplishments and gains, I again saw this on my 13 year olds arm today:

Why this again? :-(

Why this again? 😦

She says it has been a year, and I believe her, but why now? She said it was because she couldn’t yell at anyone?

Wait. WHAT?
Does she not think I would rather her yell at someone, myself included, then intentionally hurt herself? We go through this, and get her help, and she takes her medication, but still turns back to this to make herself feel better.

It hurts me that she will hurt herself, and I am so helpless to help her. I have tried everything, times 3, and well beyond.

This is what turns me to my faith. I wish she would start turning to her faith as well.

3 comments on “When There Is Nowhere To Turn…

  • It’s hard to see everyone who shares your faith looking like they’re perfect, when you feel like god is so far away that he doesn’t care about you anymore. That’s how it was for me. At least you’re getting her help and she knows you care. My mother told me it was simply demons attacking me, that it was all in my head, and then she completely ignored it after that. Your daughter is very lucky she has someone who’s trying to help. It’s a bad situation from all angles. She probably doesn’t want to bother anyone, would rather take it out on herself than feel like shes making your life harder by yelling.*Hugs you* As long as she knows you’re trying to help, I think that’s the most important thing

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