My Own Personal Stalker – 49 Days and Counting…

Published August 21, 2015 by Angela

Day 49: So now my 4 girls are fully invested, and the stalker is doing everything possible to make sure they like him. They like him. I complain about being suffocated, and my girls are concerned I am going to hurt him.

Day 47: I am looking at a major investment: he is planning our house together.

Day 46: I tell him he needs to SLOW DOWN. I need space. He agrees.

Day 44: I wake up at 3:30am to a message about how I have changed his life and he will love me forever and a day.

Day 44 later: I tell him we discussed this, and he was going to slow down.

Day 43: He gets mad at me because I will not let him sleep over. I blame my 17 year old, but honestly, I cannot sleep with him in my bed pawing me all night. (I do NOT sleep good: no one gets to sleep in my bed).

Day 41: I am asked how many bedrooms I need in a house. “One. Just one. With a twin bed. And a library.” Oh, and maybe a room for all of my nekkid kittys…

to be continued, and I am not a horrible person, even though I know you think it right now.

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