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Pure Michigan

Published July 20, 2016 by Angela

Living minutes from Lake Michigan, I spend a vast amount of time at various beaches gathering pictures that I hope I can show others! Sunday was high winds, waves crashing over the pier, and the police were watching the beach making sure no one tried to go in the water. What I found?



So The Bees Are Here

Published June 26, 2016 by Angela

And this is what is going on outside of my bedroom window. Being on the 2nd floor, and the fact that I cannot open my windows (because my cats are jerks), I say live and let live.


I have actually been enjoying watching them every day making their home! I love bees, no matter how many times I have been stung; and it has been a lot.

Ever been stung in the ear 3 times by bees that nest in the ground? I literally dropped to the ground and thought I would die. No joke!