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Day One of MStep Testing

Published April 14, 2015 by Angela

If you live in Michigan and have children in school (public or home), then you are surely familiar with the new standardized testing for Michigan called MStep; formerly the MEAP test.

Oddly enough, out of my four daughters, and the youngest three are still at home, they are all doing the MStep testing right now. Kendall is in 11th grade, Erin homeschools 8th grade, and Cassidy is in the 5th grade. All of the possible grade years that you would get tested in.

Since Erin homeschools, her testing took place in a local hotel about 20 minutes from us. While she started her testing, I hit some local parks to get some pictures, and then started reading a book while I waited for her to finish up. She has testing tomorrow as well, and then 3 days next week.

Some of the sights I captured today:

Whitehall - Montague 4-14-2015 013 Whitehall - Montague 4-14-2015 018 Whitehall - Montague 4-14-2015 021 Whitehall - Montague 4-14-2015 024 Whitehall - Montague 4-14-2015 056 Whitehall - Montague 4-14-2015 057

When it rains, It pours

Published October 4, 2013 by Angela

Apparently, right through my ceiling 😦


It is raining here, but that is not my water problem. My kids flushing paper towel down the upstairs toilet seems to be the issue. So where does the water go when it can’t go down the drain? Right through the floor, and my main floor ceiling, and out the light fixture and door frame on my front door. And what happens to wood when it is full of water overnight??  Bingo! It swells up, which in turn keeps my front door from even attempting to shut.


So here’s to hoping for a better weekend than my Friday is being, and I hope your weekend is profoundly better than what I may experience 🙂  Happy Friday everyone!