I’m Sorry You Lost Your 11th Pair Of Headphones…

Published March 15, 2014 by Angela

…and No I will not stop to the store to buy you your 12th pair.

How do you lose something that is literally stuck inside 2 orifices in your body? Do you not notice when you suddenly don’t hear the music that was blasting your eardrums a second ago?

You never take them out when I am talking to you, so I was assuming you just never took them out.

I lost a baton once; no one bought me a new one. I lost a pair of roller skates, too. That really sucked, but that was also about the time I quit leaving my stuff in places it didn’t belong. I would suggest you do the same. Honestly, I am thinking the damn headphones are in one of the pockets of those 2 pairs of jeans that you lost. Go figure.


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