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Waking up To Silence…

Published June 17, 2014 by Angela

…there is nothing better. There are no words. I cannot recall the last time that I actually had the house to myself. With my oldest daughter (FINALLY) home after 6 weeks in South Africa, she has a week off from work to get back on the United States schedule 🙂

So she picked up her 3 younger sisters, took them to the beach for the day, to both of her Grandma’s houses, McDonald’s, and peace and quiet for Mom.

They are walking in the door right now, and the silence is no more.

But it was amazing having a couple of hours of no talking, no television, to fighting, and no asking me for anything.

Thanks Jess, you are the best! And can we do this again tomorrow?

Overwhelmed to no end trying to begin getting a homeschooling schedule set…

Published September 1, 2013 by Angela
The beach that soothed the soul

I don’t think that energy drink was quite large enough 🙂

Hoffmaster 8-31-13 012So I did the only smart thing I could at the time, put the kids in the car and took a road trip to a couple of beaches. Spending hours looking at more teacher books than my student has got the better of me. Needless to say, the trip effects wore off rather quickly as I spent another 5 hours at the kitchen table sorting through everything. I got a good enough start that I feel pretty good, and after a hopefully good night’s sleep, I should be well on my way!