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The First Day Of Winter In West Michigan!

Published December 21, 2014 by Angela

I was certainly expecting some snow by the first day of Winter in West Michigan, considering right after Halloween we had a week of horrible storms, several inches of snow, and enough Blizzards that schools and businesses were closed.

First Day Of Winter 12-21-2014 005

So I was up early, as usual, and since I have not been out lately to get any pictures, I figured it would be a good day to go see what I could find.

First Day Of Winter 12-21-2014 019

It was freezing cold out, literally at 32 degrees F, and I am pretty sure I destroyed one of my favorite pairs of shoes when I was looking through the lens, and not at the water, and the waves nearly knocked me off my feet when they came roaring in well above my ankles.

Pier Marquette Park, Muskegon,  Michigan

Pier Marquette Park, Muskegon, Michigan

I will definitely be wearing the rain boots the next time I venture out this Winter. Once the snow is significant enough, the roads down at the lake are all closed and I will not be able to get anywhere near it. There are definitely both ups, and downs, about living less than 10 minutes from Lake Michigan.

The water is colder than you could even imagine!

The water is colder than you could even imagine!

Hoping your Sunday is warm, and full of Blessings and Happiness! I plan on doing not a whole lot more than reading 🙂

First Day Of Winter 12-21-2014 030

How To Have a Relaxing Sunday!

Published October 12, 2014 by Angela

1) Do your homework on Saturday.

2) Get your homeschooler’s work caught up on Saturday.

3) Make sure you have the basic necessities in the house before Sunday; you know, like milk, bread, toilet paper.

4) Make sure no one is going to call you asking for something (i.e. turn your phone off).

5) Don’t plan a road trip for Sunday.

6) Do not put of until tomorrow (Sunday) what you can do today (any of the 6 days prior to Sunday).

I have done an epic fail at this on this weekend. I have homework, my 13 year old has homework, I need to get groceries, I am hauling my 3 girls to meet my 4th daughter at her college campus so I can get (finally) some updated pictures of the 4 of them together.

At this point I see no need to turn off my phone, because I am not going to be relaxing today. I was on the road yesterday with a car full of kids, and get to do it again today. I need to get a weekend figured out where I truly have nothing to do, and nowhere to be. Hopefully before the snow flies.

Have a beautiful, Blessed Sunday!

My Sunday Best!

Published May 18, 2014 by Angela

I recently had a conversation with my girls that I thought they were being a little lax in what they were wearing to church. Okay, I was too. Mainly with Erin because she is the one who comes to church with me the most. Honestly, there were some days where she just wasn’t looking like she was going to get up, and she had confirmation classes. So what did I do? I would tell her to wear whatever she wanted, as long as she got up and got to church. Yes, there is a point where I am putting my foot down, no matter what, and that point is pajama bottoms. Absolutely not!

I also told myself no more “blue jeans” because even if I wear a sweater and dress shoes, I am still wearing “blue jeans”. Now, this does not mean that I look down on anyone at church for what they wear. I honestly could not care less what anyone looks like when they get to church, I am just glad they got to church.

So why this dress-code attitude? Church used to be about dresses, and hats, and gloves, suits and ties for the men, and greeting friends and relatives in the morning before the service starts. It was a special occasion, sometimes the only outside exposure to others that stay-at-home dads and moms got. I am glad and grateful to have a church to go to where I can worship safely, and feel welcome, no matter what I am wearing. But I want it to be that special occasion again. That Sunday morning ritual that I look forward to all week long. And honestly, about the only chance I ever get to dress up is church.

So this week, as my girls are still sleeping and I of course am up, the rules for today are wear your play clothes. After the late service the church is having a barbeque luncheon with a bounce house and other activities. I am already questioning how I am possibly going to be able to get any sleep before work tonight, since I could not sleep right now like I had hoped. But I will worry about that later. I am tired of missing out on activities because I need to sleep for work.

So jeans and tennis shoes are the wardrobe of the day, and I am looking forward to this great event my church is putting on.

What Sunday activities has your church done recently?