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Sometimes You Just Need To Get Away!

Published July 16, 2017 by Angela

The downside is; coming home. I took my 2 youngest daughters to Frankenmuth, Michigan for the weekend, and I was not happy this morning when I had to start heading back home.

We had a great time, with lots of relaxing and shopping. My girls enjoyed Zehnder’s waterpark on Saturday. I sat by the pool all day, and managed to get sunburned even with a couple applications of sunscreen.

How is my stress level, you ask? My oldest daughter, who is getting married in October, let me know as I was leaving town Friday that the bridal store where we ordered six custom bridesmaid dresses filed bankruptcy, and locked their doors.


We are hoping they will give us our dresses, but are now planning B & C options since plan A is frozen with a bank. My other 3 daughters are bridesmaids, and I am hoping that since I paid for these dresses on a charge card I may have some recourse.

So that’s what’s going on. Below are some pictures of Frankenmuth!

Hanging On and Letting Go

Published May 8, 2014 by Angela

It is a difficult thing to process when you have conflicting feelings trying to overwhelm your senses. Being very excited for my oldest daughter to be going to South Africa to do mission work makes me very proud. And the immediate panic I experienced as I hugged her for the last time for 6 weeks and told her I was proud of her; it took my breath away. It literally felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest while I was driving to work. We have went 6 weeks without seeing each other before, but I also knew she was less than an hour away, and always a text message away. Now I will be relying on the group’s blog postings to keep me up to date on how my daughter is doing.

Am I concerned for her safety? Of course. I am concerned for her safety when she is on her college campus where she is going to start her 4th and final year in the fall. I am always concerned; the location does not matter.

As the newness of this situation wears off, and I get settled in to the idea of keeping tabs on my daughter via the internet, she will be on her way back and I know it will feel like she never left.

I really am excited for this amazing opportunity she has. I could never even begin to explain how proud of her I am, to her or anyone else. She takes opportunities as they present themselves, even if it is new or frightening. She creates opportunities for herself to grow as a young woman in a fast-paced-always-changing world.

She will change lives, and her and I both know that she can change the world, even if it is one person at a time.

Cabin Fever, In October :-(

Published October 22, 2013 by Angela

My girls seem to be bickering in their “it’s-cold-and-winter-and-we’re-stuck-in-the-house” attitudes, and it isn’t even November. Which means it’s time for me to get creative.

My girls get bored. Quickly and easily. I can take them to the craft store and get them anything they want, and after a couple hours, they are done with it. So my new strategy is taking them places that have been around their whole lives but they have not experienced yet. Unfortunately I get bored even faster than they do, so I may have to travel some distances to get them out of their element.

I have a feeling I need to get settled into what could likely be a long, cold, winter season with a smile on my face and bells on my shoes.

No, literally. It would likely take that much to get my girls to smile with their attitudes right now 🙂


This about sums it up! :-)

This about sums it up! 🙂