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As The School Year Begins…

Published September 6, 2018 by Angela

…I have been working through the things I need to do for myself, and my girls, to make this new start of the year go smoothly, and in the best possible fashion for my new Freshman. I have always viewed the beginning of the school year as a start of a “new year” for myself as well. It is a time to get new schedules put in place, new goals to work on, and I get to enjoy the most beautiful time of the year, Autumn in Michigan, and High School Football. My girls going to the school with the most winning football team in Michigan history makes the football games unbelievably exciting! Always having one of my girls in the Marching Band is a wonderful bonus as well!

My 17 year old is now also back with me for the majority of the time, which I am over the Moon about, but it definitely throws another dynamic in the picture. She is out of school, so I need to make sure she stays on a schedule herself, which can certainly be a struggle with her 😊 We are working on what is next for her, and what opportunities are available, and what she may need to work on to achieve her goals.


Now I get to figure out how to get and keep myself on track. I honestly feel like for the last month or so I have been completely off the rails. Not in a destructive way, per se, but I certainly am not eating as healthy as I had been for the previous couple of months, and I feel like I have too many pans in the fire, and I need to get something in place to manage everything. It is certainly possible with good organization and determination on my part. When I have those days though, where I don’t want to get out of bed, I have no motivation, or my anxiety has come to roost, it is hard to get anything done, or even think about anything.

I can wake up feeling fantastic and motivated to conquer the world, but it quickly disappears. Once I start working on a project, even if it is cleaning the house or doing dishes, I feel fantastic once I start and then get it finished. It is just so hard sometimes to even get started. This is where I definitely need to just push myself to get up and do something!

How to you handle the new school year if you have kids in school? Do you find it exciting, or frustrating?

They Just Keep Growing Up!

Published October 10, 2015 by Angela

Had a fantastic night at our last home football game. Which means Senior Recognition Night, and I was able to hang out on the football field with my oldest daughter and my Senior as she was recognized for being the Drum Major in the marching band.

Senior Night BRMB 10-9-2015 069


Senior Night BRMB 10-9-2015 003

Yes; me. Bittersweet. Me, that complains about my girls, and how they drive me crazy and need to grow up and move out.

Senior Night BRMB 10-9-2015 029

But I could not ever be more proud of this girl. She has went through, and put up with, so much BS, and she is absolutely beautiful, inside and out.

Oh, and yeah, Muskegon Big Reds did it again…pulled out a win even though the refs were being completely ridiculous. Even the opposing team said the refs were out of line!!!