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Winging It; Homeschool-Style

Published January 5, 2016 by Angela

7th grade consisted of buying $500.00 worth of books, writing my own lesson plan and schedule, with minimum success. 

8th grade consisted of registering at an online academy; again with minimal success.

9th grade has me rethinking this whole situation. Although I know what the basic requirements are for each high school grade in Michigan in order for my daughter to get a diploma, the emphasis will be on the things that interest her. The things she is passionate about, as well as the things that challenge her.

So she is starting French, working through some pre-test SAT books, reading about Joan of Ark, and practicing math skills.

I have no idea what the coming weeks will bring, but I certainly feel much better about this method than the previous ones I have tried.

More to come!

Top 10 Reasons an Absentee-Father Should Go Absent Again…

Published August 13, 2015 by Angela

10) He believes it is okay to disrupt your children’s very busy, very scheduled daily lives.

9) He does not feel the need to apologize to your children for only seeing them once a week each year, for the past several years.

8) He gets mad at one of them because they do not have time to come stay with him for a night or two.

7) He cannot stop telling you what a great idea it would be for one of your children to live with him full-time…when he finds a place to live; that is…he is currently living at a local campground, in a tent.

6) He truly believes he knows how to be a parent, even though he obviously has had no experience at it. You know; because he disappeared and all.

5) He comes to places where you are hanging out with your 3 children, but he will not talk to or even acknowledge the one who does not have time to stay in his tent at the campground. But acts like father-of-the-year with the other two.

4) He will not answer your phone calls or text messages when you ask when he will be bringing your children back home.

3) He refuses to pay child support or buy them things that they need; but is perfectly okay with letting you know what those things are so you can buy them.

2) He does not accept the children for who they are, and their individualism. He believes they are “broke” and need to be fixed.

1) He cannot, and will not, ever see the fact that it is he who is broken, and needs to be fixed.

If You Could Smack Someone Upside the Head with No Consequences, Who Would You Smack?

Published May 31, 2015 by Angela

See? You had a person in mind, didn’t you? Immediately, there is one person who came to mind. You would love to just box their ears and be able to walk away. They wouldn’t be mad, and you wouldn’t get in trouble.

I, too, have such a person. A person who has went out of their way to try to irritate me, get under my skin, and make me upset. For such a long time that it got old years ago.

Really; who does this to other people? Who does this to other people and gets so much enjoyment from it? What type of person is so low on self-esteem that the only way they can feel good about themselves is to tear other people down?

Yeah; I have that person in my life. I bet you do as well.

Do you wonder what makes them tick? And even more than that, do you wonder what you can do to get back at them?

I do. Every day. Every. Single. Day. I recently told someone that I know God put this person in my life to test me, and make me a better person. But when is He going to make them be a better person?

It gets painful always turning the other cheek. Especially when you get smacked every time you do.

So just take a minute, close your eyes, and imagine smacking that person upside their cinder-block-head, walking away, and no repercussions.

Do you feel better now?

I know I do 🙂

When Homeschooling Gets The Best Of You!

Published March 23, 2015 by Angela

I am about to tap the mat, and concede. I have been beaten. How does a 13 year old get the best of me?

I am going to eat up 5 vacation days through my employers so I can take my daughter to her MStep testing. I get to sit around the local hotel while she does her testing. For 5 days.

Why is it that she can sleep until 11am, when I already have 5 hours in at work, and still get her requirements done?

Can we homeschool work?

Day One of Back To Reality; Here We Go!

Published January 6, 2015 by Angela

I wish I could say I had a spectacular day at work, but it was rather boring. Things tend to be a bit slow at the beginning of the year. My girls got home Sunday afternoon, and were home about 10 minutes before the bickering began. Or should I say continued, from the bickering they had been doing the whole time they were gone.

Christmas 2014 and Dads 1-2-2015 009

I was very happy to have them home, and it is nice to be back on schedule. I was very sad that my 10 year old could not stop crying last night because she missed her dad. All I could do was hug her. I had no answers for her when she kept asking “When are we going to see dad again?” I certainly could not tell her next Christmas, which is more than likely true.

Erin is on track with her home schooling, and I already made it very clear to her that we will not be going to bed on any given night until all assessments are turned in that are due that day.

Weather 1-5-2015

We are still under a Winter Storm Warning here in Michigan. That is supposed to expire Tuesday at noon, and then they will just issue the next one. There is no stop in the snow before Saturday, and with highs of 9 degrees, the wind chill temperature is horrible. The doors on my Mini Cooper were frozen shut this morning and there was no chance of me getting them open to get my safety glasses for work. Thank goodness I have a different car to drive in the Winter!

I hope you are all getting settled into your 2015, working on any resolutions you made, and getting the year started off with a bang!

Who Exactly Do You Think That Attitude Is Punishing?

Published December 4, 2014 by Angela

I surely hope you aren’t doing it for my benefit. You can have an attitude for as long as you like; it is certainly not going to encourage me to let you play a game on the laptop or my phone. Not when you cannot stay on task with your homeschooling assessments.

I am physically exhausted from working 9 hours a day, and then spending 5-6 hours every night helping her sort through her assignments. Especially when she does not want to focus, or pay attention, or even make an effort to pretend she is listening.

So once again, she will not have access to the laptop until I get home from work. She obviously can’t get her work done on the laptop while I am away at work, so I will just eliminate that distraction all together. If I have to spend 6 hours every night teaching algebra and science, I will make sure I have her full attention.

Nothing gets a 13 year old girl’s attention faster than taking away all of her abilities to contact any friends, play any games, or shop for clothes on Amazon.

All I know is 1) my parents would have dragged my ass to school and made sure I stayed there, and 2) if I ever tried to pull any of the crap that she tries to pull, I would not be here today to type this blog post!

So here’s to being the bad-mean-horrible-bitch-mom for at least 4 to 5 days, until she realizes she cannot break me 🙂 It sucks that I have to go through this, but unfortunately, this is exactly what it takes to get her to see I am not kidding, and then she gets back on task.

I Guessed That Spot On – I Am Ready To Go Back To Work!

Published November 26, 2014 by Angela

Stressed Mom 1I will honestly say that I woke up this morning angry at the world. I am tired, and all of my girls were up before I even opened my bedroom door to come downstairs. Normally I am lucky enough to get an hour or two of alone time before they start making their way downstairs. Why they insist on fighting like cats-and-dogs is beyond me, but I have had enough of it; and no, it is not even noon 😦

Stressed Mom 2So, after I spend what is likely to be hours at our local Secretary of State office so my 16 year old can get her license, there is one of two things that is going to happen. Either they are all going to bed until their attitudes change, or I am going to bed until their attitudes change. Because yeah, if they change their attitudes, I might not feel like such a bitch today.

Just being honest; I really see no point of lying on a blog. What would be the point of the blog if I did? On the up side, the only thing I need to do in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner is cook some rolls 🙂

I promise tomorrow I will be thankful for the blessings in my life. Today is not a national holiday, so I am opting to use my freedom of expression and let the bitch in me be free!

As a note, I have never, am not currently, and will never be the Mom that can stay home with her children. I love them with every fiber in my being, but my girls and I all realized that there is such as thing as too much togetherness for us.

Yes, Because I Am The Mom Really Is The Answer, and I Have Every Right To Say It…

Published November 13, 2014 by Angela

…if it stops a disagreement with a 16 year old teenage girl.

Pouting teenager

When my 16 year old daughter tells me that she has to be somewhere on Monday for tryouts to join yet another activity, I feel I have every right to ask why she is telling me, instead of asking me.

Her answer? “I have talked about this all summer long. You know I have.” ummmm, no I do not. I would remember one of my children wanting to do yet another activity that uses my money, gas and mileage on the car, and time dropping off and picking up.

Her reply again? “It is just one activity, and you have no problem with me taking care of your kids, so why can’t I do this one thing?”

WHOA. Back this train wreck up that you are about to have. I worked 3rd shift. So yes, she “took care of” her sisters while I was working. And they were all sleeping. Sorry for the difficulty.

And she keeps shoving her foot further into her mouth…”Why if I have the money to do this can you still tell me no?”

“BECAUSE I AM THE MOM.” Not to mention you do NOT have any money, you have no vehicle, and you have no job.

So Yes, that is why I get to say “Because I am your Mother and I said so” and you don’t get to do anything about it but mope around the house.

I am really getting beyond tired of the attitudes in this house full of girls, while I try to keep a positive attitude for my own well-being. I really wish my city would start putting Midol in the water supply…