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Just Stop Already!

Published January 21, 2017 by Angela

I am so sick of all the political fighting on my social media, on television, and in the news. I had to dump a few people prior to the election because of their hate-filled posts, and it is like it has started all over again.

I feel like President Trump has got to be feeling like he is taking the Titanic on her maiden voyage, and he never had a chance. Hats off to Captain Smith, by the way: he had the courtesy to go down with the ship.


I would really love to know from all the complainers what Trump has done that had a direct affect on their life? He buys and sells real estate, he gets married and divorced, he has multiple kids and has had an affair. He had a successful television show, and has been in the public eye for decades.

Does he know anything about politics? Not very much. But why does no one understand that the President has very little control over what happens in this country?

Do I feel he was our best option? No. But I will not run him in the ground before he has a chance to make things right. I voted for Obama twice, and do NOT regret it. Did my health insurance rates and coverage go in the toilet? Overnight. Would a different President have avoided that situation? Not likely.

So for the love of all things right about this country, Just Stop!

I have and am raising four very independent daughters; I do not believe Donald Trump being president is going to negatively impact their life. They would all disagree with me on this, and that is okay.

We either come together, or we all go down together. Personally, I don’t think anyone is gonna save me a space on the only floating door in the freezing ocean…..

So The Bees Are Here

Published June 26, 2016 by Angela

And this is what is going on outside of my bedroom window. Being on the 2nd floor, and the fact that I cannot open my windows (because my cats are jerks), I say live and let live.


I have actually been enjoying watching them every day making their home! I love bees, no matter how many times I have been stung; and it has been a lot.

Ever been stung in the ear 3 times by bees that nest in the ground? I literally dropped to the ground and thought I would die. No joke!


It’s Getting Close!

Published May 10, 2016 by Angela

Am I too excited? Probably. Feeling stressed about getting the open house invites out, getting the decorations and centerpieces, and still homeschooling a 9th grader.


But my soon-to-be graduate is working again, and she is as ready to fly the coop as I am to see her go.

Keep in mind; I have 2 teenagers here sharing a room that are eying the real estate!

Cat Life

The Cats don’t care. Just give them peace-and-quiet!


The one thing I know about her more than anything, and the reason we butt heads so much..is I was exactly like her growing up.

Hoping for the best, planning for the worst, and living it all day-by-day.


When Do You Give Up?

Published April 24, 2016 by Angela

Do you give up? Do you ever stop giving the other parent the benefit of the doubt?

Do you stop making excuses?

Out of 3 girls, I now have two that refuse to communicate with their father. Is it my fault? Believe it or not; no…

I refuse to discuss their father unless if they bring it up. And if they bring it up, I refuse to point out the negative, and instead, highlight the positive. But when there is no positive to discuss; it gets a little hairy.

I would love to have an ex-husband who was more concerned about the welfare of his girls than how he can get one over on someone.

And before you judge me; I get $40.00 a week in child support for 3 girls, and all of that money goes right into an account for my girls that I use to pay for sports stuff, field trips, and everything else that comes at me on a weekly basis.

I honestly wish he would just give up. And go away.

I got this. I can take care of these girls, I do not need anything from you. 7 years of no visitation or support have proven that.

Focus on your 21 year old girlfriend having another baby that you will never care for, and just leave me, and MY girls, alone…

So Is It Considered Snooping…

Published March 31, 2016 by Angela

…when you have 2 different daughters who leave their Facebook accounts open; one on IE, and one on Google Chrome? Literally, the computer was completely shut off, and I turn it on, and go to get into my FB account, and voila, they each have their accounts open on a different platform.

Oh; yeah, the answer is “NO”, it is not snooping. I have 2 daughters, one is now 18 and an “adult”, who I am literally counting the days until her graduation, her open house, and packing her up and moving her to Colorado.

Call me a bad Mom, I honestly do not care. My 14 year old has been trouble since she learned what the word was. She is smart, beautiful, and abandoned by her father when she was 4, so any man, and yes I mean Man, that gives her attention; she is all over it.

Kids on Computers

Enter a caption


So I am going to sit here and make sure my girls are safe. Because no one else will. And, unfortunately, no one else cares.

How Much Is Too Much?

Published March 1, 2016 by Angela

…and when you do it to yourself, should you really be complaining about it?

Yes, I did it to myself, and I am still going to complain about it.

Sorry; it is what I do…

So to avoid doing my homework for my college class. I did this:


And then I came home and did my homework.

And checked my 9th graders homeschooling homework.

And set her assignments for tomorrow.

And cooked dinner. And moved some laundry. And checked my blogs. And maybe cried a little…

I could get rid of my college classes, but I want to go further with my company.

I could force my 14 year old to go to public school, but it didn’t work before.

I could give up teaching the youth group at church on Wednesdays, but they depend on me. And I depend on them. To make me laugh, and learn with them.

So what do you give up when it seems like it is too much?